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Learn About The Wonders of Malta

Lying 95 kilometers south of Sicily in the midst of the Mediterranean Sea, we find the Maltese islands. There are three of these beautiful ancient islands, Malta, Gozo and Comino. The first inhabitants date back to 5000 BC during the Neolithic period.

The Megalithic temple sites were erected about 3600 BC, which makes these the oldest stone temple sites in the world. The Egyptian pyramids did not appear until 2500 BC and Stonehenge was erected around 2300 BC. There are over twenty-three temple sites on the three islands. Later during the Bronze Age, Roman ruins are present as well.

What is most remarkable about these sites is that the inhabitants disappeared without a trace, similar to the Mayan Indians in Central America. About 2500 BC traces of the temple construction stops with no further sign of population with a 500 year gap before new inhabitants arrived.

As you view these temple sites you will find another very mysterious group of artifacts. These temple people worshiped a Goddess fertility culture. Many statues of large feminine figures were left at these sites. The most famous of them all is the “Sleeping Goddess of Malta.” Could this figure depict the coming passage of the Earth Goddess going to sleep as male domination emerged?

There are some researchers that say that Malta maybe the remnants of Atlantis. Many have placed the Atlantean islands in the Mediterranean Sea, as underground ruins with large blocks of stones have been found off the coast.

As we move forward in time, Paul the Apostle was shipwrecked there on his way to Rome. He spent a few years there converting the local people to Christianity. Next comes the famous Knights of St. John, (remnants of the Knights Templar), who occupied the islands during the crusades. Here they built heavily fortified cities and beautiful churches based on the same geometry used to build the temple sites of 3500 BC. How did theses Knights get the knowledge that these early temple builders used and, how did the temple builders understand geometry to the degree that they could align their temples the Solstices with exact measurement?

As we can see from the ancient temple builders of Malta, sacred measurements of the Earth (known as sacred geometry) were utilized in the construction of these sites. What is remarkable is that these sacred measurements were used at other sites around the world as well. How does this type of construction affect the temple site? Could it have had an affect on the people taking part in the rituals and ceremonies there?

Paula Peace traveled to the island of Malta in 2006 and studied these ancient sites with French master dowser, Dominique Susani. Paula has an extensive background working with Earth Energies, Dowsing and Feng-Shui.